The Great Gun Anglers

We are a very active club. The following isa list of things that we do throughout the year to maintain this club and give back as much as we can to the members

1) We provide food at each monthly meeting.

2) Raffles and 50/50 prizes at each and every meeting.

3) Guest Speakers at some of the meetings.

4) Fishing derbies every month for club members ($10.00 per species).

5) We participate in Candlelight Christmas Parade in Center Moriches.

6) Christmas Party at the December meeting (Open Bar and Dinner) (100% paid by club).

7) Awards Dinner Dance (includes door prizes, cocktail hour, dinner, open bar, DJ or Band) This event is usually held at Rock Hill Country Club in March. **(members are required to pay for a portion of this event) Guests are welcome.

8) Annual Shark Tournament held In June.

9) Club Picnic held in August (100% paid by club) includes family and Guests.

10) Montauk Fishing trip (bus, food, beverages) **(members are required to pay for a portion of this event).

11) GGA Striped Bass Tournament held in October. 3-4 day tournament.

12) Grand Slam Tournament ($10.00 entry fee) Striped Bass, Fluke, Blue Fish. You can win one, two or all three species. Plaques given at awards dinner. This is done one weekend each summer.

13) We also own an enclosed trailer with our logos on in which we keep all of our equipment in that we purchased throughout the years. This makes it very easy when attending different events. Everything is in one place!

2022 Events

June 25th

Shark Fishing Tournament


Annual Picnic


Bass Tournament